Welcome to The Story Behind the Words

With the people I meet and the conversations I have, there is always plenty to talk about. Thread and tangents spool out from the original topic taking me on adventures I haven’t expected. Whether dropping down deeper or skimming along the surface, there is always some tidbit of learning to take away. 

 As I writer,  there are limits to how much of these stories I can share with others in print– limts such as word count,  story angle and maintianing my distance and objectivity as the narrator.  Limits are necesary. With them,  a writer  sculpts and crafts a topic to fit on the pages of a particular publication or aparticular readership.  

Yet, what happens to all the goodies that are cut from those original drafts,  the delicious details that just don’t fit into the final article? In what ways does an  interivew with a subject change the life of the writer?

Like those few minutes of film that reveal what happens after the director yells “cut”,  The Story Behind the Words provides a glimpse into the rest of the story — anecdotes, information and reflections about what made it on the published pages and what did not. 

Join me here often because there is always more to say on a subject.


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